…. even if you don’t want to teach.

Just like many major events, I discovered there was a life “before” and “after” yoga teacher training. It was a transformative experience that I’ll never forget. Many people believe that taking part in a yoga teacher training means you must want to teach. This is a huge myth! Although I’ve been so grateful to share this incredible gift of yoga, there are many different reasons to join a yoga teacher training. I believe everyone should reach this milestone at some point in their life, even if teaching isn’t on their radar. Diving deep into yogic studies can be a game changer.


You learn the “how” and “why” of asana practice

Ever wonder why some students can float into crow (bakasana) with ease after just a few classes (and you’re thinking, are they even human!?) then get ready for some serious “ah-ha” moments. Yoga teacher training will blow those doors right open. The human body is very unique and adapts differently to stress. Injury, emotional trauma, sports, and activities will adjust the body accordingly. Yoga allows the practioner to see the patterns that might not serve them, thereby promoting healthy balance. Yoga teacher training will give you a better perspective on the evolution of a practice and why it’s so diverse.


You get to explore the deeper teachings of yoga

Once I learned the deeper teachings of yoga I knew that I could never go back. It’s not that yoga teachers never make mistakes. In fact, making mistakes is part of the process. The teachings of yoga catch you in those dark moments, appearing as the “red flag.” Whenever someone asks me “ok, so what are these teachings about?” The answer is really simple: it reminds you how to be a better person. The lessons act a beacon when you’re straying from the path.


You have the chance to connect with your tribe

If you are a yoga nerd looking to express yourself, you won’t have to look further than yoga teacher training. Luckily, you’re with a tribe of yogis who can’t wait to have meaningful discussions in a supportive space. In yoga teacher trainings I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the raw and authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Listening to other yogis is always an inspiration to me. The less obvious piece of the puzzle is sharing your own experiences that connect with the practice of yoga. It moves you to share the teachings from the heart. I’m always inspired by the sacred space created in yoga teacher training. It’s this level of support that allows others to share openly with love and understanding.


Yoga teacher training is a pivotal moment for any yogi. Understanding the asana, alignment, and anatomy is extremely useful to deepen your practice.  After that foundation is set, the chance to explore the meaningful aspects of yoga can revolutionize the way you see the world. Being able to connect with your tribe will not only fill you with inspiration, it will give you hope for a brighter future.


Thinking about taking the leap? Check out my current yoga teacher training schedule.

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