When I first heard about manifesting I’ll admit, I was a bit of a skeptic.

“Getting whatever you want? Yeah, right.” I remember thinking. To me, it seemed ridiculous. I thought “ok, so why doesn’t everyone have the life of their dreams?!” It just seemed too simple. Money, relationships, awesome “dream” jobs… if everyone could do it, why were so many people miserable?

But, without realizing it, I was doing it too!

Yup, even I–a non-believer all those years ago–was in the process of making that magic happen. So what was the secret to making the universe work miracles? The truth is, anyone can do this yet few people choose to manifest their dreams. I’ve got a few tips so that you can develop your manifesting superpowers too.

1.) Get clear about what you want

If you’re not sure about what you want, the universe won’t know what to give you either! I absolutely love what Louise Hay says about getting your order into the cosmic kitchen. In her analogy, the cosmic kitchen is the universe and your “order” is what you want to manifest. So, if you order the veggie burger and someone brings you a salad just (politely) send it back to the kitchen–aka the universe. Eventually, your order will come out the way it’s intended to.

Ok, so how do you get clear? In this case, you might write it down in a journal, vision board, or declare it to the universe. Declaring that intention is as simple as sitting in meditation with palms up while asking for what you want (silently, or out loud!). I’ve also found my reiki practice has helped me immensely in having a clear intention and offering me the strength to help me manifest that reality. I heavily attribute my success in business along with my personal life to creating this clear channel.

2.) Let’s be real, it’s not going to happen sitting on your couch

Ok, I love Netflix as much as the next person but that’s not going to help you out when it comes to manifesting! You won’t find your dream job/relationship/situation by hanging out “waiting” for those things to happen. With that said, I caution anyone trying to “force” the universe to make things happen but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive.

I appreciate the wisdom that Tarot cards have to offer when making a move. In a tarot card reading, the “Star” card is part of the major arcana–aka typically big life shifts–which eludes to inspiration. An idea, a spark, or the magic you need to make big ideas happen. But to make those things happen you need something rooted in action–in the tarot this might be a Knight of Wands or Pentacles.

What could this action be you might ask? Perhaps it’s taking a course, hopping on a plane, taking that dream trip, joining a club, or investing in your self care. There’s no one right “way” to take action but when it comes to manifesting you can’t go wrong using your intuition. As corny as it sounds, “listening to your heart” will point you in the right direction every time.

Another actionable tip would be applying the power of meditation. I found a few solid tips here from “Relax Like a Boss” which provides actionable tips to manifest through meditation.

3.) Recognize that not everything can be affected by manifesting

It’s important to recognize that terrible life circumstances can’t always be explained by the law of attraction. Someone once told me they no longer believed in manifesting. When I asked why, she explained that she tried to manifest the health of a person she loved and that person died. Hearing this broke my heart! I told her there were certain situations that couldn’t be affected by manifesting, which included death.

However, if someone is suffering from sickness or in a state of pain then manifesting will still support them. Assisting someone in their time of need can offer them a better quality of life without seeking a specific outcome.

In practice, you can imagine sending that person healing vibes or surrounding them in white light. I find it’s best to practice this in a visualization while meditating.

These three tips can help you manifest your best life! Remember the power of gaining clarity, taking action, and recognizing what you can control.

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