What is Thai Massage and What Can I Expect?

The lineage Emily follows is originally from Northern Thailand, more specifically the Lanna Tradition. Initially, this form of Thai Massage was an honorable practice only offered to royalty. The respect for this tradition is something Emily holds as sacred. Providing an authentic experience of Thai Massage is part of her high standard of care. Her knowledge, professionalism, and experience shine through in her treatments.

Emily’s priorities include compassionate yet firm touch and a deep understanding of the body to enhance the therapeutic aspect of thai massage treatments. She has a wide range of experience including working with serious medical conditions, athletes, and injuries.

Emily is truly honored to offer the modality of thai massage to facilitate healing for her clients. Although the physical healing is a major benefit of her treatments many of her clients walk away with much more.

What happens during the Thai Massage treatment?

A Health history form is filled out and reviewed upon arrival where Emily discusses the goals you wish to see from the session.  Thai Massage is performed on a specialized mat on the floor. Please wear clothing that feels comfortable to move in as the Thai Massage treatment is fully clothed and typically, no oils are used.

A Thai Massage practitioner uses their hands, feet, knees, elbows and bodyweight through a flowing series of rhythmic, meditative movements. This allows blocked energy to be released and stimulates energetic flow throughout the body. Creating space between the tissues of the body also has many physical benefits including maintaining healthy nerve pathways.


Additional Benefits of Therapeutic Thai Massage

– Increases flexibility/range of motion, circulation, lymphatic flow, and joint health
– Creates clear pathways for healthy nerve conduction
– Aids in the elimination of wastes (toxins)
– Regulates the nervous system
– Reduces stress, increases relaxation
– Rehabilitates muscles post injury, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions
– Balances muscle compensation patterns (tones weak muscles, relaxes tight muscles)
– Allows mind and body to relax creating a greater sense of well being
– Complementary to all health care regimes; nutrition, meditation, and other physical therapies

Looking to book a treatment? I offer Thai Cupping Therapy out of Yogacara in Whistler, BC. Ensuite options are also available. Please contact me using the form below for more info!