Public Yoga Classes with Emily

Join Emily at Yogacara Whistler for yoga classes in the heart of Whistler Village! Yogacara offer small class sizes, an intention that puts people first. This unique environment provides a peaceful space for any level of practice.

View the schedule below to check out upcoming classes. Please note this is her regular schedule and does not account for while she is away. Be sure to click the links to sign-in and view recent updates. Hope to see you in our Whistler yoga community soon!

Description for Public Yoga Classes


Emily has been trained in traditional hatha yoga and offers this practice to her students with creative and therapeutic variations. Her approach emphasizes alignment, safety, and good biomechanics. Emily designs her classes so everyone can participate and feel confident. Her alignment cues offer subtle shifts physically while creating a deeper focus to go inwards.

Vinyasa Flow

Emily’s perspective on vinyasa flow is to connect movement with breath. Her classes are accessible, energetic, powerful, and mindful. Her alignment cues and creative sequencing make it fun, insightful, and illuminating. Her vibrancy is palpable, encouraging you to love yourself as you navigate your practice.


This class truly is for everyone including those with injuries. Emily has extensive experience with injuries including working with students who have disabilities. This form of yoga is deeply therapeutic experience that highlights meditation as a source of strength. Each pose is meant to create subtle sensations so you can tap in to your meditation practice more deeply and heal your nervous system. This practice is transformative for those with chronic stress, tension, injuries, or intensity in their life.


In this powerful practice Emily holds space for all levels to participate. There will always be mantra, meditation, dynamic and sometimes static asana in every practice. Often intense breathing and connection with movement are used to awaken energy at the base of the spine. Kundalini can be energizing, uplifing, and even brighten the soul. Have fun getting a bit weird, smiling, and reminding yourself of your personal power.