The idea of energy medicine may sound a little too “out there” for some people.

Sure, it may seem strange but I can see how much it plays out in everyday life. It’s the reason a room might give off a bad vibe, or feel like the warmth and safety of home. People are like this too, it’s why some attract while others repel. Luckily, energy healing is becoming widely known and less “woo-woo.” It’s everywhere these days in many forms; reiki, bio-energy, intuitive healing… these few are just the tip of the iceberg. Although getting treatments and certifications can be extremely valuable there are ways to harness the healing powers of energy without any formal training. These guidelines can be revolutionary for massage therapists, nurses, or anything that requires a compassionate touch.

The idea of being a reiki practitioner floated around in my head for a while before I set foot in a course. I loved the idea of working with energy but it wasn’t my top priority. It was weird though, as a yoga teacher I did get lots of comments from students on how hot my hands were. One teacher even mentioned I had the gift for energy healing. After some encouragement from students and friends I finally booked my Level 1 Reiki course to start my journey. Learning the methods to harness these healing powers made me realize that I’d had them all along. I’d been sending good energy to students while I was offering hands-on assists. So you may be wondering, how did I do that? There is a clear system I used even before I had my certification. Although it was useful as a yoga teacher, the same practice can be powerful in everyday life.

To Act Intentionally

Acting consciously can make a big difference in how energy is received. Years ago, I was offering a hands-on assist in a yoga class but I wasn’t completely present. I had my hands on their lower back and was slowly working my way upwards. When I caught myself thinking about my grocery list I immediately thought “I really need to be conscious for this person to give them the energy they deserve.” After class the student approached me to say how my palms had been “normal” at first but then they became really hot. They said how nurturing it felt for them to receive. It was in that moment I realized the importance of being fully present. The difference for the receiver in the quality of touch had been an eye opener. Acting intentionally reinforced my yoga practice but also served to help others.

Imagine Sending the Person Healing Light

Using imagery or a mantra can empower touch whether you’re a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or someone with a hands-on approach in any situation. Even a person who’s looking to improve their quality of touch outside of their career can benefit from this technique. The key is to focus on the individual the experience is for. Just like when I realized I needed to act intentionally, I also had to focus on sending positive vibes to the student. This can be a visualization of sending them light, love, or whatever reflects positivity. It can also be a mantra repeated silently with the intention of helping the person, much like my “ah-ha” moment in the importance of presence.

Now before you go out and tell the world you’ve discovered yourself as an energy healer I’d like to make one thing clear: in energy healing the practitioner acts as a conduit. So technically, there are no “energy healers” rather the receiver is offered the chance to heal themselves. This knowledge is empowering since the only “healer” is the potential within each person.

When using hands-on approaches there is so much value in acting intentionally. Having meaningful touch and energy can make a profound difference in how the experience is received. This simple yet powerful strategy empowers others to heal themselves.

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