Have you ever heard the phrase “I just don’t have enough time.” You’ve probably caught yourself saying it more than once. There’s always that one project, hobby, or dream you’d like to explore but not enough hours in the day to do it.

I’ve definitely been guilty of using “not enough time” as an excuse. The crazy thing is: it’s a completely false perception that holds so many people back from achieving their true potential.

Here’s how you’re selling yourself short and the key to making the time.


In my career as a yoga teacher the idea of not having enough time is the top reason people avoid getting on their mats. At first, I thought this justification was fair. We all lead busy lives right?

Yes, we are all trying to find balance between work, play, friends, kids, and whatever else is important to us. But we always have enough time; it’s the way we use it that creates the illusion of not having enough. If something is important to you, make it a priority. This is a tough decision for most people because it requires you to define your boundaries or even make sacrifices.

Ask yourself what’s really holding you back.

If time is a problem, boldly ask yourself how you’re being held back from what you truly want. Is being creative important to you? What do you need to give up in order find time to paint, write, or create?

Here’s the secret: YOU are responsible for your life, and no one else. When you’re telling yourself you don’t have enough time it’s because something else is taking that time. Is it work? Is it Netflix? Is this how you want to prioritize your life?

It’s reasonable if something like work or money is your focus as long as that’s what you really want. If you love your job or you’re saving for something special that’s awesome. With that said, being stuck in a dead end job because you need to pay your rent is not going to serve you in the long run. Asking yourself important questions like “am I spending too much on rent or is there something else in the way? Do I need to get a 2nd job, go back to school, or change my lifestyle?” Facing these tough decisions will help you find clarity and direction.

Not everyone is ready or willing to make these big leaps to find what they truly want in life. You really CAN do anything you want when it’s your priority. You could literally move to a remote island but you might not be ready to give up modern conveniences and make it sustainable. This is the power in prioritizing your life and taking responsibility for your decisions.

It’s a really scary thought that your life is in your own hands. Notice what triggers you to think there aren’t enough hours in the day. Time will never be an issue again if you prioritize and discover your true potential.

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