You have the job you love, you do what you truly enjoy, you’re surrounded by awesome people and yet there are still some days you feel uninspired. There are tons of reasons for this—it doesn’t make you any less passionate about life or what you do. Luckily, being uninspired can be a positive thing if you allow it to be.

Here are a few tips on what to do if you find yourself craving inspiration and motivation.

Surround yourself with people, books, and places that stoke your spirit

Is there a place that you feel connected to in some special way? Or a Ted Talk that drives you to achieve greatness? Although these pick-me-ups are great any day, it’s especially needed when you might feel like you have nothing to give.

Know that you’re not the only one

Even the most inspiring educators, leaders, and mentors have their “off” days. Just as life’s highs should be appreciated and celebrated, low points should be accepted as part of an ever-evolving rhythm. It’s what keeps you grateful for the good times and humble when you’re soaring successfully.

Discover why you might feel this way, and what you can do about it

One of the empowering things about being uninspired is it requires you to be honest about what might be holding you back. Is there a situation, or person that is draining you physically, mentally, or emotionally? I think it’s common to “push through” and ignore many of the signals that drag you down which causes burn-out. This worn-out stage often manifests itself as lack of inspiration. Identifying these hurdles is key to making changes to overcome them.

Take action, dig deep, and determine what to leave behind. Ride the wave when you feel uninspired and discover why it can be the catalyst for positive change.

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