Yoga teacher training is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make,

but it also can be terrifying.

Doing a yoga teacher training crossed my mind for YEARS before I set foot in a 200 hour course. There was always some excuse holding me back. I had the idea that I just “wasn’t good enough” for a number of reasons. After talking to a few people I found the barriers aren’t really all that different. Here are the top reasons for holding back from becoming a teacher and why you should reconsider.

  • I’m not that good at yoga

Ask yourself these questions: have you been doing yoga consistently for a few years? Are you familiar with most of the poses? Are you passionate about yoga? If you answered “yes” to all of these then you’re definitely ready for yoga teacher training. I remember thinking “man, I suck at arm balances… I can’t do a yoga teacher training” or a CLASSIC one is “I can’t do headstand, how can I expect to be a good yoga teacher?” After graduating I realized that I could’ve done my teacher training YEARS ago if it hadn’t been for that voice inside my head.

  • I hate public speaking

You, along with the rest of the world. Most people HATE public speaking. As a society we fear talking to a crowd more than death, which is kind of ridiculous. The cool thing about a yoga teacher training is that you’re with a supportive group of learners who are in the same boat. Generally, you start teaching in small groups, that way if you trip over your words or forget something it’s never a big deal. By the time you teach a public class you’ll have tons of practice and insight from your peers!

  • My bank account can’t handle that

For most people this excuse tends to be a tough one. Using your money wisely and stretching an already exhausted budget can be challenging. This tip goes for anyone looking to finance something worthwhile: set aside a small amount from each paycheck. I started a TFSA (tax free savings account) that has helped me save for trainings and workshops that I want to be a part of, vacations, and more. Plus it acts as a general “back-up” fund in case of emergency. You can easily set up automatic withdrawls once or twice a month and take a small amount each time, even $20 or $25 makes a difference. Over the course of a year or two you’ll have thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.


Yoga teacher training is one of the best experiences you can give to yourself. Once you get past all of the excuses the only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner.

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